Warren Stoughton, Patrick Stoughton and Don West are members in IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. They are also members of the power Engineering Society of IEEE.

Warren Stoughton was past President Emeritus of MUG, a local organization of Manufacturers Representatives, manufacturers sales executives, and Utility Executives.

Stoughton and Associates is a charter member firm in the industry group "Power Utility Representatives Association", or PURA. This association is an organization of representative firms dedicated to the highest quality representation of manufacturers of equiptment and services to the Electric Utility industry.

Aims and Purposes of the EERA
  1. To provide a forum where industry representatives may discuss matters pertinent to the success of their business and to the interest of the industry.

  2. To develop, promulgate and adhere to standards of excellence in the service to manufacturers and customers.

  3. To promote better understanding, communications and cooperation between representatives and manufacturers.

  4. To study and disseminate efficient business systems as a guide to the improved business performance of members.

  5. To assist in an analysis of markets within specific territories.

  6. To exchange information on training and compensation of salesman.

  7. To provide a national source of information to reputable manufacturers concerning Sales Representatives and their activities; to enable the manufacturers to obtain the highest caliber of representation in each territory.

  8. To influence and assist members in the development of organizations to provide a continual market coverage.

  9. To investigate and discuss present or proposed legislation by Government agencies relative to taxes or rules which may affect our industry.

  10. To encourage the cooperation by the Representatives with other Trade and Engineering Groups or Associations in the Electrical industry.